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Alubrite® Radiant Barrier (Code 7070)

Alubrite® is a superior performance radiant barrier material, simple to use and very cost effective.

Alubrite® has achieved an A/A1/1 fire rating as per SANS428 making this product suitable for all building classifications as per SANS 10400-T Fire Protection.  Most importantly this includes building occupancies where only Non-Combustible materials are allowed, such as hospitals, place of detention, institutional buildings, hotels, dormitories, entertainment and public assembly.

It also fulfils requirements for non-combustible insulation in high-risk factories and warehouses, where this is mostly and insurance requirement.



Alubrite® radiant barrier (Code 7070)

The latest product in the ATI range, is a safe choice, it is fire rated as an A1 Non-Combustible product and consists of aluminium foil on both sides with a reinforced scrim in the middle laminated with a flame-retardant adhesive.

Alubrite also has a system R-value of 1.91m².K/W.


Alubrite Datasheet

Installation Guide

Alubrite Installation Guide

Fire Certificate

ATI – Alubrite Fire Certificate_SANS 428_2023