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Going Green With ATI

ATI a division of West Rand Engineering and a platinum member of the Thermal Insulation Products & Systems Association SA (TIPSASA). The strength of our resources, our solid service history, experienced sales staff, technical staff and advisors enable us to offer a comprehensive range of upmarket products. We are committed to our customers, our staff and our products, with service excellence being our invariable Mission.

We pride ourselves on our experience, training and expertise in the thermal insulation marketplace, backed by a range of quality product offerings. We keep abreast of changes and developments in the building industry and environmental issues, therefore our loyal customers have come to depend on us for advice on the best solutions for their insulation needs.

ATI operates at the highest level of business practices and ethical standards and we operate within the stringent disciplines of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our company uses a state of the art laboratory and product testing facility, enabling us to maintain our reputation as a leader in technological research and development.

Alububble® is our signature product and it enjoys the enviable position of being the de facto standard and market leader in building insulation products, consisting of sealed plastic bubbles laminated to an aluminium foil, throughout Southern Africa. Alutherm® is a bulk thermal insulation product, incorporating either a polyester or fibreglass blanket with an aluminium foil facing laminated to one side and an Alububble® facing on the other side. Alulite® is our Domestic product suitable for houses and schools.  Alucool® is our latest addition to our product range and consists of bulk fibre with foil facing on one or both sides.

We offer Alububble®, Alucool® and Alutherm® products in both standard rolls and in special lengths, which ensures the most efficient usage of the material. This offer provides our customers with significant cost savings associated with the reduction in waste material (off-cuts).


At ATI - Africa Thermal Insulations, we believe you’re only as good as the people who stand behind you. That’s why we partner with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers to continually support our customers operations with the highest-quality insulation available.


Africa Thermal Insulations distributes material in Africa and Beyond through Agents and our Branches.

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Company Profile

Advantages Of Our Thermal Insulation:

  • Energy efficient
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Maintain acceptable and uniform temperatures
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Improved acoustics
  • Reduces airborne dust, fibres and allergic reactions
  • Cost effective and durable
  • High R-Value rating (insulation’s ability to resist heat flow)
  • Low U-Value rating (rate of heat loss through a material)

How Thermal Insulation Can Benefit You:

  • Protects against Radiant Heat and UV Penetration
  • Services within the attic space are protected from degradation caused by UV and Solar heat gain
  • Effective water vapour barrier under roof tiles or sheeting
  • Reduces dust penetration into your building and attic space
  • Improves the performance of bulk insulation
  • Non Toxic and Non Carcinogenic
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Available in special lengths for easy and efficient installation

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have bulk insulation, do I really need a Radiant Heat Barrier?

Yes, by adding a Radiant Heat Barrier you will save on your heating and cooling expenses. You will be much more comfortable in both Summer and Winter. Adding an Alububble® Radiant Heat Barrier System allows your current insulation to work more efficiently. In the Summer – Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers will stop 97% of the summer heat gain due to radiation across your roof space. In the Winter Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers in your building are effective in reducing winter heat loss. Instead of losing all the heat it will be reflected back into your home, keeping your home warmer by between 6 – 8 degrees.

How does a Radiant Heat Barrier really work?

SANS 204 Energy Efficiency standard, gives the minimum requirement per region for Insulation Intervention. It is given in R-value or ‘Resistance’ value, and is given for roofs, walls and floors. The given R-value can be easily achieved by adding firstly a Radiant Barrier and then at least 100mm of Bulk insulation material.

What is an ‘R’ – value?

An ‘R’ value is the measurement of resistance to the flow on conductive heat transfer. Since Alububble® radiant Barriers are designed to work with Radiant Heat and not conductive heat they do not have an actual R-value. Therefore any theoretical R-value depends on the method of installation, and the size and number of air spaces surrounding the material.

What about a foil faced bulk product, isn’t that just as good as Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers?

No The foil on the bulk is in direct contact with the roof space floor, which is the ceiling, The foil becomes more conductive when it makes contact with a solid surface. The air space facing the foil surface is of primary importance to the effectiveness of the Radiant Heat Barrier

Will Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers lose their effectiveness over time?

Definitely not. Traditional insulation needs to be replaced or added to after 6 – 8 years because over time it begins to settle. Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers will last the life of the roof structure they are applied to and do not settle. The ‘R’ value for the system which is given will be the ‘R’ value of the product at the end of its life cycle.

Are Alububble® Radiant Barriers ‘Green Products?

Yes. Alububble® Radiant Heat Barriers conserve energy use which lowers your carbon-footprint, and in so doing helps the environment. They are non-carcinogenic, do not emit any gasses and are very environmentally friendly. With less heat being emitted from the roof the high energy costs of running an air conditioning unit on a hot summer’s day is greatly reduced, which means the bills will be lower an in fact it takes very little time for the radiant barrier to pay for itself.

What kind of Savings can I expect from installing Alububble® Radiant Barriers?

Your actual savings may vary due to many different factors, including: Current insulation, accessible roof space, natural shading of your home, geographic location, orientation of your home. An average savings of between 17 – 25% may be expected.