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Thermal Insulation Technology – A Modern Solution For Roofing Specialists That Meets New Legislation

Johannesburg: Africa Thermal Insulations (ATI), are specialists in developing thermal insulation products that meet recently updated building regulations required for proof of compliance and occupancy certificates.

In the minds of most builders and roofing specialists, the decision to include roofing insulation is left up to the architect or customer. However, considering recently passed legislation, this perception is short-sighted and will more than likely result in additional costs for developers and builders when trying to hand over new buildings. In the past, insulation has been an “optional choice” that many avoided because it was viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, because of new legislation, it is now necessary for builders and roofing specialists to not only highlight for customers that that there are obvious benefits to installing effective insulation (reduced energy bills), but that the necessary compliance and occupancy certificates will not be issued without insulation that meets specific industry standards.

Developers and builders that are “up-to-speed” on new requirements, as well as the benefits of insulation, will set themselves apart as concerned, well-informed and professional service providers that have the customer’s best interests at heart – not something that the general public would expect from an industry that has a tarnished reputation from contractors who claim that “they know what they are doing”. The building stage is when customers have the best opportunity to use their finance wisely, and it is therefore at this stage, that it is crucial to plan for a roof that will not only satisfy recent legislation, but also ensure a climate that is easy to manage and help save on future expenses related to the heating and cooling of buildings.

It is a well-known fact that in the past buildings that have been signed-off without insulation can exist for decades before the occupants think about the benefits of installing effective insulation. However, the increasing costs of energy and resources to manage the internal climate of a building, as well as government commitments to more sustainable buildings, means that these types of structures will no longer be a part of the future. It is obvious therefore, that effective insulation products need to become a part of day-to-day construction conversations.

Setting a New Bench-Mark in Insulation Products

ATI’s signature product – Alububble®– a radiant heat barrier insulation solution that has been endorsed by the Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa, and that conforms to ISO 9001:2008, SANS 1381 part 4 and SANS 428 – Fire performance classification standards, has been designed and developed with the latest insulation technology in mind to ensure that cost-effective, comfortable buildings can become the norm, not the exception.